Website Design Monthly Packages

Website Design Monthly Packages



We understand that it's not always easy to fork out a bunch of cash so we created these fantastic website design monthly packages just for you.We have structured these packages to be affordable to all businesses big or small and still provide you with all the bells and whistles you will need to impress your customers.

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Professional and Quality Products & Services

  • Responsive Design

  • Customizable WordPress Websites

  • Rock Solid Hosting

  • Custom Mobile Apps

  • Custom Web Applications

  • Email Marketing

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How does this work you may ask?

It's simple

We require a security fee as indicated below, followed by your monthly payments at the set package price. Payable only via debit order.

Example: You select the basic package for R199 per month.

You pay the security fee indicated on the table below, and we start the development of your package. Once we have completed your website and app design package we will start billing you R199 per month payable via debit order.

No contracts, purely month to month. Should your debit order default to a non-payment, your website will be suspended and your business app will be unpublished. You will need to pay the outstanding amount as well as an R150 reconnection fee to get everything back online. Should you fail to reconnect your service for three months, your website and app will be terminated. Should you have three debit orders defaulting to non-payment, you will have to pay via EFT quarterly installments in advance.

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