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Your company website is probably the most powerful of marketing tools you can ever have at your disposal. Yet we still find so many businesses make the mistake of leaping without first taking a good look at how this industry works. Often the end result doesn't quite fit with the objectives you have in mind for your website. Worst is if all the work that goes into developing your site costs you a fortune but leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

If you're buying a website development package for the first time, and are not sure what questions to ask, this can mean you could be easily led down a path that only reveals itself as inappropriate once it's too late. You don't have surplus funds in your budget to mess around with trial and error decisions when building a website for your business. As this is not something you do every day, you want your decisions to reflect the same clarity of vision you already possess when you open up shop each morning.

To help you cut through the mysteries and probably save a ton of money we've compiled the most pertinent questions you should ask. These will certainly make you sound a whole lot smarter than some web design companies might give you credit for. Ultimately you will be guided to only the best well informed decisions before spending a dime on your business website.

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W e have put together this amazing eBook to help all clients, new and old to better understand what it takes to get online. In this eBook you will learn about all the questions to ask when first starting out with your online presence.
Our book will cover topics like:

  • Professionalism is the sum of experience and an established track record
  • How much can you reasonably afford versus what you should be paying?
  • How much of actual control will you have over your website?
  • Don't cut corners by skimping on the need of ready support
  • What you must know about hidden costs and ongoing expenses

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